the only way out/

While most news attention, especially in Europe, has focused on African migrants and refugees coming to Europe via the Mediterranean, the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Aden has largely been ignored by the international community and Western media.

Every year, thousands of people risk their lives to cross the Gulf of Aden to escape conflict, violence, drought and poverty. Due to the escalation of the conflict in Somalia and the food crisis in parts of the Horn of Africa, more and more people will join the already-large refugee and migrant population in Yemen.

Lacking safe and legal alternatives to leave their country, refugees and migrants have to use the services of smugglers to cross the Gulf. The boat trip is fraught with danger – the smugglers are notorious for their brutality. Fatality rates are high it is estimated that at least five per cent of those setting out on the dangerous journey did not reach the shores of Yemen alive.

Arrival on the Yemeni shores is exceedingly hazardous, as the smugglers take extreme measures to avoid being detected by the Yemeni security forces. The boats stop far from the shore, forcing the refugees to disembark in deep water. As many people, especially those coming from the interior of Ethiopia or Somalia, cannot swim, deaths from drowning are frequent.


Africa border with Europe
In october 2005, hundreds of young Africans who tried to jump the fence that separates Africa from Europe in Melilla Spain,some of them died unclear causes in the attempt to enter Europe.


traped in paradise/

Puerto Piña, Panamanian-Colombian border

indigenous Colombians of ethnic Emberá origin
they flee to Panama because of the armed conflict
The Panamanian government refuses to recognise them as refugees
Instead they are granted temporary protection status
However with temporary protection status, they do not have the same rights as refugees
For the last ten years they have lived in limbo
denied the right to move freely throughout the country



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